Advanced Diploma in High Fashion, Theatrical and Media Make Up

Face-it Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Make up Artistry (Post Grad)


The main aim of the Face-it Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Make up Artistry is to train students in the   application of make-up in for High Fashion,Theatre and Media/TV areas of the beauty industry.


It will also provide opportunities for staff in the Beauty Therapy industry to gain a better qualification for make up application

Train students as Fashion, Theatre and Media makeup artists

Provide excellent training for students to develop a range of skills and techniques essential for successful employment as a Fashion, Theatre and Media Make-up artist.


Students will study the theory of all treatments as well as the anatomy of the head and neck. Contraindications and recognition of skin diseases and disorders are also included in the training.

 A detailed portfolio is also required to be completed for this course. The portfolio forms an integral part of the delivery of this course and a pass rate on this portfolio is essential in order gain accreditation.

The portfolio ensures that a variety of clients must be consulted and treated in all the areas and the outcomes of the treatments must be documented in order to gain experience of working with a variety of clients and conditions whilst students are still under supervision.

Each student will take a practical exam and a 50 MCQ paper to complete the course.

All modules are mandatory and the following is a list of modules for the Advanced Make up


  • Intro Make up Artistry Dip course, school guidelines, health and   hygiene
  • Anatomy of the face and  head                                                              
  • Recognising Skin Types, skin analysis
  • Skin diseases and disorders
  • Cleansing the skin
  • Contra-indications
  • Recognition of Face Shapes, Eye shapes, Nose shapes
  • Understanding products and tools
  • Portfolio work (Full portfolio to be completed)
  • High Fashion Make-up, Theory and practical
  • Icon/ Favourite Mua
  • Seasons
  • Photographic make up (to include photo shoot)
  • Colour Theory
  • Fantasy/Fairytale
  • Period looks
  • Old Age make up
  • Avant Garde looks
  • Media make up


The portfolio is an integral part of the course and will form part of the exam marking.

Once all aspects of the Theory have been completed, students will be expected to complete a theory paper containing 50 multiple choice questions covering Fashion, Theatre & Media Make-up,


Theory and practical examinations have three grades that a student may achieve:

Pass grade - 60 – 74%

Credit grade - 75 – 89%

Distinction grade - 90 – 100%


Portfolio must also achieve a pass grade to achieve diploma

This course is post grad and students must have a certificate in makeup to take this course

Once all areas of the Practical have been completed, students will be then complete the practical examination. Students will perform a character make-up (fairytale, animal, old age, fantasy or period make-up) and a photographic make-up,

The Student will need two models for exams.

A consultation form must be completed by the student. This should be completed at the end of the treatment.

 Students must perform their make up in a hygienic and professional fashion.

Exam time will be 1.5hrs

Theory exam will be allocated 30mins to answer 50 MCQ.

The theory and practical (and the portfolio) will be added together to achieve the student’s exam results.


Portfolio of 15 characters 



Each student should produce a portfolio of 15 characters which they have created

Portfolio should include:

• All Research material

• Sketches and drawings

• Precise evidence of how the character was created

• Photographs to show stages of creation


Looks to include:


• 2 High fashion looks

• Ballet make-up

• Old age make-up

• Pantomime character

• Fantasy make-up

• An animal

• An oriental make-up

• 5 pieces of period make-up

• 2 Fairytale make-up

Conclusion for each look

• Overall conclusion


This course runs over 13 weeks, two days per week

Next course date September 2014


Cost of this course is €2500, a deposit of €300 is required to secure your place.

You will also have to purchase a Make up Kit, which will be provided at a hugely reduced cost of €400 (normal price €800)

For course dates please contact Martina @ 087/9078002